25B. Integrative Medicine Clinics for Underserved Populations: Models and a How-To Workshop


Focus Area: Sustainable Business Models

Multiple epidemiologic studies attest to the disparities in healthcare based on socioeconomic status. Integrative Medicine (IM) interventions aim to prevent disease and to treat disease in ways complementary to Western medicine, an approach especially important in underserved populations with high rates of chronic diseases such as diabetes and chronic pain.

Two successful IM programs in community clinics will be discussed, including presentations of how the programs were started and maintained, how the programs operate, and what validated outcomes measures have shown. The aim will be to present a “how-to” guide on starting an IM program for the underserved and to facilitate discussion among participants about practical application of IM in underserved settings. We will share what has worked and what hasn’t.

An extensive toolkit with materials needed to build and maintain such a program will be shared. Ways to continue to network and obtain information from others around the country about IM and the underserved will be discussed.

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