Dr. Joseph Koyner

Dr. Joseph Koyner is a practitioner MD. He specializes in Addiction Medicine. He is an alumnus of UCCS. Koyner is working as a medical consultant for 15 years.

Joseph claims that the illness of relatives became a trigger for his professional career. He promotes a sober lifestyle. But at the same time, Joseph Koyner advocates medical cannabis use when its needs to be proven.


Joseph Koyner works according to the compound approach. His clients are cured both medically and psychologically. ” Destination of successful  course treatment is conscious and autonomous refusal from substances”

After graduating, Dr. Joseph used to gain practice in Colorado and Wyoming. At first, he used to work as an employee. Currently, Dr. Joseph is working as a self-employed specialist in Los Altos, California.

Dr. Joseph Koyner uses Matrix Model. The Matrix Model provides an approach that engages stimulant addicts in therapy and assists them in gaining abstinence (for example, methamphetamine and cocaine). Patients receive guidance and support from a qualified therapist, gain knowledge about self-help programs, and gain insight into aspects crucial to addiction and relapse.

The Matrix Model is a scientifically proven and client-monitored method of recovery. The program lasts 16 weeks and includes changes in all spheres of the client’s life. However, frequent users may struggle with addiction on the physical level, the majority of cases of addictions have a mental base. “ Alcohol and substances are just plugs for anxiety, phobias, and loneliness. You can replace just a drug, but soon, gambling, workaholism, or abusive relationship will appear” – Dr. Joseph Koyner says.


Also, the success of therapy is measured with the help of random drug tests at different stages of curing.


His latest scholarly works are: “ Nabiximols as a future solution for cannabis-addicted treatment” (2020), “ Reducing strategy of drug relapses among inebriates” (2020), and “How to solve antidepressants issue while curing drug-treated inebriates. Guideline for doctors” (2021-2022)


The latest conferences,  in which Dr. Joseph Koyner was a participant, are:

  •  “Moving Beyond the Barriers of Treating Opioid Use Disorder” (2021),
  • “ Reducing drug rebound effect” (2021),
  • “ Implementing of family members of inebriated and inmates to recovery therapy” (2020)