Timothy Banderson

Intern Timothy Banderson is an enthusiastic researcher. Currently, he is gaining a master’s degree, at the Pacific University of Oregon, Biology.

He researches the effects of a high range of psychoactive supplements: from harmless ( coffee) to harmful ( cocaine). As a biologist,  he is interested in the complex influence of such substances on human bodies and the long-lasting effect after permanent use. Timothy recommends, how to avoid undesired impact if you are a rare or frequent user.


Currently, he is working on an extensive project in a collaboration with neurobiologists, psychiatrists, and masters of Chemistry. The name of the project is “Dronabinol treatment for cannabis inebriated as a replacement therapy”

Also, Timothy Banderson is working as a COO of startup “Resob”, a fact-checker app for medical students. “Resob” will allow students to observe research from a scientific point of view: are they relevant, outdated, and trustworthy.