Marijuana Detox:  How to Get Weed Out of Your System

Summary: The fastest way to clean out your system for a drug test?

For a Urine test: ways to clean out your system in 24 hours

  • Dilution using Mega Clean or another good product or homemade electrolyte, water, and creatine dilution method.
  • Synthetic urine of choice: Quick Fix, find the latest version.

If you truly want to detox and not just to beat a drug test, use Toxin Rid 10 day formula.  If you also have a drug test in addiction, use Mega Clean also 2 hours before the test.  Do not use Toxin Rid and Mega Clean within 10 hours of each other, as you will have diarrhea during your test. Most test technicians will disqualify your urine sample if you flush the toilet because people do this to hide evidence of tampering.  Sudden diarrhea may give you the instinct to accidentally flush the toilet after use.


For a blood test:

Note, blood tests are nearly extinct but difficult to beat.  Your best bet is to use a teaspoon of baking soda, one pill of zinc, and one pill of papain, taken down with a bottle of Gatorade (with real sugar). This will dilute the blood, neutralize THC acids, zinc and papain will interfere with the test, and sugar will stop fat burning which will halt THC spillage into the blood from fat cells.

To beat a hair test:

  1. Jerry G. Method. Bleach and dye your hair twice, ten days apart. Shampoo with Zydot Ultra Clean.
  2. Macujo Method. Uses harsh chemicals and proteases from detergent to break open hair cuticles and flush out drug residues.

For a Saliva test:

  1. Just use a peroxide mouthwash. It is an oxidizer which is the cheapest, most effective, and fastest remedy for the removal of toxins for a mouth swab test.


This guide will look at some of the best detox cleansing methods and products you could use ahead of a drug test.  You’ll need to get THC out of your body quickly if you want to get a new job, remain employed or avoid legal penalties.  In some cases, people need medicinal cannabis for health purposes or/and to treat pain.  If this is the case for you or you enjoy lighting one up for leisurely purposes, you will need to know what the best detox methods and products are for cleansing THC from your system.  More than likely you’ve got a urine drug test coming up. However, you may also have a saliva test or even a hair or blood test.  Believe it or not, there is even a detox shampoo for beating a hair follicle (actually a hair shaft test) test backed by science.  You should be aware that in some regions of the U.S., it is against the law to detox with the intention of creating a drug test. Do not use a detox method where prohibited by law.  So be sure to do your research first.  Read on and we’ll provide you with the best information to equip you with before delving into a marijuana detox!

How many days of abstinence for a natural THC detox

How long to get weed out of your system?

While you can employ a detox method and/or product, the only foolproof way to actually get THC out of the system rather than merely masking it or fooling a test is to abstain for the necessary period of time.  Given enough time, THC will leave your body on its own accord.  Let’s look at how long it takes for weed to leave your body naturally.

One time smoker Moderate user Regular user Heavy user
Urine 1-6 days 7-13 days 15 days or more 30 days or more
Saliva 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours
Hair Not likely 7-90 days 7-90 days 7-90 days
Blood 6-24 hours Up to 7 days Up to 7 days Up to 7 days

Essentially, if you smoke just once, you’ll probably need a week or less. For those who smoke moderately, regularly, or heavily, around a fortnight to a month is needed for detoxing to complete.  With the best and most effective marijuana cleansing regimen, you can maximize your chances of beating a test.  When an opportunity arises such as a potential new job and a drug test is required, it’s vital that you get to work on detoxing ASAP.  Consider how much you smoke and how long detoxing will likely take, then set up your detoxification plan.

The safest approach to getting weed out of your body is to just wait for it to leave naturally.  If you’ve got the time for a natural THC to cleanse, ways of supporting it without the use of detox products are by maintaining a healthy diet and undertaking a moderate amount of exercise (stop burning fat at least 4 days before your test).  Cannabinoids get trapped in fat cells and can enter the bloodstream stealthily when energy is released from these cells.  THC in the bloodstream is filtered out through the kidneys before entering the urine.  This is how they can be picked up by a urinalysis. Factors which affect the concentration of THC in urine are;

  • How concentrated is the sample?
  • Are substances that can interfere with the detectability of THC present in the sample (zinc, papain, bromelain)?
  • How accurate is the test?

Factors Influencing your method of how to detox from weed

There are various factors that will influence the approach needed to remove weed from your system as effectively and quickly as possible.  How soon the test is, how much body mass you have, and how often you smoke are all significant factors.  The sooner a test is, the higher your body mass, and the higher your frequency of use, the stronger a product or method you’ll need.  You also need to consider what your budget is as some products are less affordable than others.  Also, are you looking to flush marijuana out of your system entirely or just beat a regular drug test?

How Do Marijuana Cleanse Remedies Work?

A 1998 study in the Journal of Analytical Toxicology demonstrated that dilution of urine by ingestion of excess water (supported by electrolytes and creatine for more modern tests) does in fact produce false-negative results for weed and cocaine, which means dilution and detox products do work when used properly.[2]

For hair tests, It has been shown scientifically that bleaching and dyeing work to reduce drug residue concentrations in hair.  Drug metabolites can be stored within hair cuticles and it is believed that bleaching & dyeing can break open the hair shaft allowing for the metabolites to be flushed out.  THC levels reportedly dropped by 40-60% in one study.  There is also scientific evidence to back up the effectiveness of Ultra Clean Zydot.[3] [4] found that detox drinks can effectively mask weed use, even if one smoked up to the test and also the day of the test.[5]

As for detoxing naturally, a fat-burning study concluded that burning fat is not likely to change the levels of cannabinoids which are detectable.  However, the study had just six people.[6]  A study involving rats discovered that fat burning will release stored cannabis metabolites into the urine and bloodstream.[7]  Therefore, if you have time, you should burn fat to decrease THC levels but must halt fat burning at least 4 days before the test to stop further THC leaching into the urine. ate THC from the digestive system.

Other Ways To Get THC out of your body

Fruit Pectin Sure-Jell is a form of fiber which when used as detox may be particularly effective at removing weed edible residues from your stomach and intestine.  It will cause diarrhea, a small price to pay. If you have been consuming edibles, use this method of detox.


Exercise will burn fat.  This will help you get rid of the THC in fat cells.  However, you need to stop exercising and start eating sufficient calories and carbohydrates to stop the fat burning at least 4 days before your test.  Your muscles should be plump with glycogen (sugar) before you test, otherwise, you’re still burning fat and THC may show in your urine.

Another approach is with the use of a sauna.  Some users swear by this approach and studies do show that sweat contains drug metabolites. However, if you are not familiar with sauna, have never used it before, or are attempted to use it in any way other than instructed by a sauna expert (a health expert, not the writer, and not a business guru or self-help expert), you should probably avoid this approach. In many regions where saunas are not popular, people not familiar with saunas may temporarily or fatally injure themselves.

Dilution to clean your system for drug test (home remedy)

Using supplements: You need creatine, b-vitamins, baking soda, and a sugary drink.  Take the recommended doses on the bottle.  For creatine, 2.5 to 5 grams. One pill of the b-vitamin complex.  One teaspoon of baking soda in your tea or sugared Gatorade (no sugar-free drinks before your test).

Using food: All you need is a big juicy steak and a bottle of Gatorade (with real sugar).  If you don’t have your bottle of Gatorade, have 16 to 32 ounces of tea with a teaspoon of baking soda mixed in.  Your meal should be timed to end exactly two hours before the test. You need real sugar to halt fat burning which leeches THC from the fat cells into your blood and urine, so don’t get sugar free Gatorade or unsweetened tea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Lab Tests Detect a THC detox cleanse for a drug test?
A: If your urine detox is composed only of vitamins, minerals, water, herbs, zinc, papain, creatine, etc, taken internally, it cannot be detected.  These are all-natural dietary components.

Q: Do I Need To Detox If I’m an infrequent User Or Took An Edible?
A: It depends precisely on the amount and when you took it. If you took a small amount long ago, you will likely pass a test without detoxing.  If you took a large amount recently, it may still be in your system.  But a dilution drink like Mega Clean taken two hours before your test will likely allow you to pass the test and be effective for up to 5 hours in either case.

Q: Do THC Detox Kits Work For Hair Test?
A: For hair, the Jerry G Method of bleaching and dyeing is the best approach.

Best way to detox your body from THC

When it comes to detoxing your body of marijuana metabolites, it’s important to employ the right method for you.  Whether or not it involves a detox drink will depend on factors such as how close you are to the test and how much you’ve been smoking.  Aside from detox drinks and pills, there are also several THC detox kits that you may want to consider.  So let’s start by taking a look at the best detox drinks for weed.

Best detox drinks for weed

Detox drinks for weed are a wide market that exists even where recreational marijuana is legal because some jobs or court programs will still execute penalties for those using legal or medical marijuana. Among the best detox drinks for weed are Rescue Detox ICE, Rescue Cleanse, Mega Clean by Detoxify, and Stinger Detox (may require creatine to be taken separately).

Rescue Detox ICE is a popular and highly-rated drink from Applied Sciences.  You can buy this drink for around $30 as a 17-ounce bottle.  Like many detox drinks, it is designed for the purposes of a same-day cleanse and should be consumed on the day of the test (about 2 hours before).  It does not contain too many herbs which may cause a strain on your liver.  Further, it works fast and lasts for about five hours.  It contains creatine and B vitamins which are important when detoxing since the former keeps your creatinine levels normal and the latter supports energy levels and keeps your urine the right color.


As for Rescue Cleanse, it’s a bit dearer at around 55 bucks.  Like Rescue Detox ICE, its effects kick in fast and it lasts for around five hours in total. It also provides creatine and B-vitamins.  In addition, it’s got electrolytes and it comes in delicious flavors like cranberry.  For both of the prior two products discussed, you will need to drink and pee a lot.  It’s vital to avoid consuming too much water as part of a dilution effort or any liquid for that matter as this can run the risk of water intoxication.  This can be extremely dangerous and even fatal. Stinger Detox is another popular drink and you can buy this one for $45.  It comes in an 8-ounce drink which contains no herbs, burns fat, and comes with energy-boosting substances/qualities.  There are potential side-effects with any detox drink, so make sure to read the ingredients and check out any warnings and possible side-effects associated with any detox drink you want to buy.

Best detoxification pills as remedies for a urine pot test

Arguably the most popular detox pills to take for a urine drug test is Toxin Rid.  Toxin Rid is available in several different pill courses, namely a 1 day, 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, and 10-day detox.  Price-wise, the single-day cleanse for light pot use will set you back about $55 while the 10-day pill course costs around $190.  This product is unique in many regards.  For one, it claims to actually cleanse urine, blood, and saliva of THC.  It also contains natural ingredients.  While the instructions are pretty complicated and it’s quite costly, it may be worth the expense if you truly want to get rid of toxins rather than just pass a test.  However, if you have a urine test, you will still need to do a dilution regimen with b-vitamins and creatine 2 hours before your test.

Best THC detox kit

The Fail-Safe Kit by Nutra Cleanse is a popular THC detox kit choice in the weed cleansing community.  While it is pretty costly at 90 bucks but appears to be trusted. Its effects kick in after just an hour and last for around six hours.  This product is targeted at heavy smokers.


THC cleanse products and methods to avoid

Avoid exercising and fasting on the day of the test.
Avoid any detox products which contain too many herbs you have never heard of. You may have an allergic reaction to them.
Avoid products that contain nob-vitamins or creatine to take on the day of your drug test, or be sure to add these items to your detox 2 hours before your test.

Tips to make all marijuana system cleaners faster

EXercise may speed up actual detoxing of THC, but if you continue near to your test, you will have extra THC present in the urine. It is imperative to halt fact burning as your test nears.

Tips and recommendations from social media to get the pot out of your system

Let’s look at what some social media users suggest;

User 1:

User 2:

User 3:

User 4:

User 5:

User 6:

What to do if you need to weed cleanse really fast

Just use Mega Clean Detoxify 2 hours before your test or any good detox drink containing creatine, b-vitamins, a diuretic, electrolytes, and water.

What if there’s no time for any kind of detox?

Synthetic Urine

If you’ve got no time to detox, you might be interested in synthetic urine for a cannabis test.  Alternatively, you might use someone else’s urine.  Although synthetic urine can work, there are many pitfalls.

First off, the brand you choose needs to be up-to-date and you need to check online forums like Reddit to make sure people are still succeeding with your brand, as testing companies may eventually discover how to detect synthetic urine.  Quick Fix is usually your best bet, you need to get the latest version and check the expiration date when you receive it.

Secondly, if observed, you have to get the urine into the sample cup without being caught. To do this, you may need a lifelike ureter delivery system like a Whizzinator.

It’s not recommended to try this anywhere where it is expressly prohibited such as for court-mandated drug tests.  In any case, use at your own risk, and good luck!


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  • Dr. Joseph Koyner is a practitioner MD. He specializes in Addiction Medicine. He is an alumnus of UCCS. Koyner is working as a medical consultant for 15 years. Currently, Dr. Joseph is working as a self-employed specialist in Los Altos, California.