How to pass urine drug test for weed

How urine drug tests work?

You may need to beat a urine drug test (urinalysis) for marijuana at some stage in your career.  Over the past 10 years, the President and U.S. Congress have not only approved drug testing by private and public employers but in some cases have either encouraged or required it in various different workplaces.  These actions grant legal authority for drug tests that in turn overrides all opposing authority.  The only exception, of course, is the constitution.  Passing a test may also be needed for court, a doctor’s visit or to take part in professional or college sports.  If you smoke weed for medical, recreational, or even spiritual reasons, the sudden requirement to beat a urine drug test can send you scrambling.  At times, you won’t have much notice.  Regardless of your situation, there are methods and approaches to beat the test, even if you smoke weed a lot.  We will explore the various options and help you decide what you’re going to do to succeed in passing a test.  It’s vital to be aware of the laws in your particular region.  In some areas including several U.S. states, it is against the law to detox in an effort to beat a drug test.


Best guaranteed ways to pass a pee test: (chart)

Time to test Weight Marijuana frequency Budget
1 day – dilution 150 lbs and under- dilution – 17 oz drink Infrequent – dilution – 1 day (two hours before the test) $ 30 and under, b-vitamins, water with salt, green tea, and creatine dilution, or one large steak heavily seasoned and 32 oz of green tea 2 hours before your test
10 days – Toxin Rid 10 Day + dilution on test day 150 to 230 lbs – 17 to 32 oz Medium – dilution – 1 day 30 to 60 USD – dilution with detox drink like Mega Clean
30 days – abstinence 230 and over – 32 oz to 40 oz + premade dilution drink such as Mega Clean by detoxifying Frequent – Toxin rid – 10 days + dilution day of the test, abstinence more than 10 days where possible 60 USD or more – Toxin Rid plus dilution with Mega Clean or other detox drink on test day

How Do Detoxification And Detox Remedies Work?


Dilution is when you increase your intake of water so that your urine becomes dilute.  This makes the drug metabolites temporarily undetectable.  However, drinking water alone is not sufficient.


Why, because they will be testing the specific gravity, creatinine content, and color of the urine to discover attempts to dilute the urine.  Therefore, you need to replace the electrolytes to make sure the specific gravity is correct.  You can do that with a drink like Gatorade or simply adding reasonable amounts of electrolytes, like ½ teaspoon salt (or lite salt), and ½ teaspoon baking soda to 25 ounces of water.


Then you need to take a b-vitamin complex multivitamin, this is what makes your urine yellow.  If you miss this step, your urine will be clear and flagged as dilute.


Now, you need to raise the creatinine level by taking 5 grams of creatine,  You can get a can of creatine from Walmart for $ 5 to $ 10.  It has become very affordable.  Do not attempt to take lots of salt, baking soda, creatine, or water as you will fail the test and also become ill from an electrolyte imbalance.  You should also drink a diuretic like green tea or cranberry juice in the lead up to the test.  Do your dilution regiment exactly 2 hours before the test, then sip your cranberry or green tea while at the testing center.  You need to pee 3 or 4 times to get the old urine out of the bladder before you take your urine test.  You will not be taking more than you could have gotten from a normal diet.  More is not better.

Extended Clean out – Toxin Rid

Some people don’t want to just dilute toxins or drugs, they want the drugs actually out of their systems.  Many detox remedies that give you mad diarrhea claim to do this.  It’s not clear that any of them work.  However, Toxin Rid 10 day has the advantage of requiring you to abstain for 10 days for the 10-day formula.  That alone is gonna get most drugs out of your system so you got a good chance of passing a urinalysis.  Heavy marijuana use is an exception, it will take longer than 10 days to leave the system, therefore also use dilution on test day.  The other ingredients may accelerate a detox.  This has not been studied scientifically.


Scientifically, the only way to speed the elimination of THC from the body is to burn fat through exercise or fat burners.  Then, this must be halted before the test, otherwise you will have more, not fewer THC metabolites in the urine.  Stopping fat burning could take a few days, let’s give it 4 days.  You need to stop burning fat and dieting about 4 days before the test.  Now you will have less THC in the body and urine.


It’s unknown if saunas will allow you to sweat out drug metabolites at a faster than normal rate.  Sauna apparently helped some drug users during withdrawal, though this seems counterintuitive on account of the hot flashes and overheating one might experience during withdrawal.  There are also cold flashes from some, however.[2]

One study documented extensive methamphetamine excretion in sweat.  [3]

We are not experts on saunas.  If you do it wrong, you can cook your brain, so don’t go trying to overdo it.  Do your research and if you have never saunaed before, find someone knowledgeable to the sauna with.  It could help.  Last but not least, make sure you do not lock yourself in the sauna and thereby be rendered cooked to death.  This has happened to inexperienced persons.  Avoid saunas with bad security protocols.


Several adulterants added to the urine sample have been scientifically shown to work.  Read it and weep drug testers.

These commercial adulterants listed work and cannot be detected.  This was published in 2007 however, so look for more recent research that may have been done in the meantime.[4]

Isn’t science grand?  It can discover drugs in your urine and also tell you how to make it such that drugs cannot be discovered in your urine.

Synthetic Urine

There are many brands of synthetic urine on the market and many of them will, in fact, pass a drug test.  The danger is getting it into the sample cup undetected and at the right temperature.  You need to follow the directions exactly.

Quick Fix Urine is the most trusted brand.

The Whizzinator Touch is one of the most trusted delivery devices.  A female version is also available.

How to pass a piss test naturally

Dilution -Steak and Green Tea, the yummy way to pass a drug test

To pass a urine test naturally, you can do dilution.  Just drink green tea and eat a very large steak rare 2 hours before your test.  Season it well.  It contains your creatine, b-vitamins, electrolytes, even proteins they will be looking for if they suspect dilution.  They will let it sit and see if bacteria begin eating up the proteins and causing a smell of stale urine.  Fake urine may produce no smell due to lacking bacteria and proteins.  Good fake urine companies have figured this out and added odors or proteins.  Have some fries too to prevent fat burning before your test.  Fat burning, recall, will cause THC to flood the urine if done just before your test.

Best way to pass a urine drug test with home remedies (need more than 24 hours): FAQ

Which home remedies really work?


Abstain for 10 to 30 days and all drugs will be out of your system.  30 days is really the goal, but if you have 10 days, you may be able to do it.  Don’t be stupid, go to the pharmacy, and by a drug test, they have the exact same tests they are gonna use at the job.  Make sure you’re clean before you take that test.  If you’re dirty, don’t go.  Make up an excuse.  A missed test is always better than a dirty test.

Lookie here.  With most drugs, you’re good after a week.  Weed is the most stubborn.  It can take 30 days, for heavy frequent use.


The chances that home remedies work?

Home remedies work just as well as detox products if done correctly.

Myth or Busted?

Pickle juice is basically a myth unless you use it with a dilution protocol.  It will not work on its own.  Nor will vinegar.  Busted.

Baking soda will not work on its own and high doses can cause stomach rupture and brain hemorrhage.[6][7]  Mostly busted, but possible for meth and THC.

Drinking lots of fluids alone will not work, you will get a dilute result and either fail or have to retake the test.  Busted.

Taking an aspirin a couple of hours before the test may interfere with some tests but taking too much aspirin can cause illness.  Take a normal amount before your drug test if you feel it may work.[8]  True, but be careful.

Zinc.  Zinc will, in fact, help you beat a drug test.  Just take a normal amount of a zinc supplement, up to 50 mg.    True.[9]

Fruit Pectin.  Unknown.  Fruit pectin is made to remove drug residues in the stomach.  So if you just swallowed an edible, it could help get the THC which is still in your guts out.  So it could help.  We are gonna say this one is, Possible.

Sauna.  Already explained, Possible, but be careful, don’t cook your brain.

Dilution.  Absolutely true.

Toxin Rid.  Toxin rid 10 days will work due to abstinence for most drugs.  For marijuana, you could need 30 days of abstinence.  Possible.

Pass a drug test in 24 hours home remedies

To pass a urine drug test in 24 hours naturally, use these approaches:

  1. Home remedies to pass a urine drug test:

Dilution will work in 24 hours.  Just do it 2 hours before the test.

Aspirin can help.

Zinc can help. We cannot stress enough, do not take extra doses of any of these, take normal doses as directed on the bottle.  We are not recommending any approach but describing approaches which have and have not been studied scientifically and reporting the procedures and results.

  1. Other methods used for passing drug tests: brief info and links to our site
  • Niacin – possible but can cause hepatotoxicity in high doses
  • sure jell – possible for orally ingested drugs
  • baking soda – busted but possible for THC and methamphetamine, no for other drugs.
  • Vinegar – busted, no.
  • Aspirin – possible, use with dilution

Do’s and Don’ts

Do Don’t
  • Do Use dilution for passing same-day testing
  • Do Use dilution products for marijuana urinalysis tests
  • Do Keep substituted urine at body temperature using a heating pad
  • Do Remember if you are being tested for pot, it can last 30 days in your system
  • Do use regular and not excessive doses of aspirin and zinc
  • Do take the aspirin and zinc internally rather than adding it to the urine sample
  • Do be ready to poop if you use fruit pectin, sure jell, or Toxin Rid Day 10
  • Don’t use adulterants like Clorox which can be detected
  • Don’t use Toxin Rid for heavy weed use, use dilution via a product like Mega Clean, except if you’re using 10-day Toxin Rid with abstinence over the whole period.  10 days will get most people clean with or without Toxin Rid
  • Do follow all Toxin Rid instructions perfectly
  • Don’t use substituted piss which has not been kept at body temperature as this is detectable
  • Don’t take lots of aspirin or baking soda, you will end up in the hospital
  • Don’t drink gallons of water, you will get a brain hemorrhage

Possible legal problems related to trying to beat a pee test

The first law is federal.  Trying to defraud the US government by using a detox product for a government-ordered drug test such as for court, the military, the FBI, or the Department of Transportation can be considered illegal.  Few prosecutions have been made; however, the original makers of the Whizzinator were prosecuted and got a short prison sentence.  We know of a few users having been arrested but a few cases made it into the news.[10] [11] [12]

Two black men arrested in North Texas for using the Whizzinator.[13]  Be careful and talk to your Congressman about the war on drugs and disparate impact on minorities which is intentional and illegal under Civil Rights Laws in the US.[14]

Here are the detox laws.  In Texas and Louisiana, it is illegal to make or transport a detox product.  Hence, home remedies might be a loophole.

In Florida, Kentucky, and New Jersey, it is illegal to sell detox products.

In these states, vendors can’t sell adulterants:

  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Arkansas
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • Nebraska
  • North Carolina
  • Virginia

Police may put you in jail even if the product you have does not actually break the state law due to views that you are ‘cheating’. Your lawyer nor the judge might not be smart enough to properly interpret the law.

List of the best detox products to pass a drug screen for a pee drug test

Best Detox Products Pros and Cons

The Whizzinator

The Whizzinator is great, comes with skin type matched fake penis, or for females a discreet tube.  It also comes with legit fake urine.

The downside, you must mix the urine properly and keep it warm.  It may not produce an odor due to coming from sterile powder.  Lastly, it’s the most popular and most likely to be recognized and prosecuted.  Also, the vials of powder can’t be taken onto a plane because they look like or could be considered a bioweapon.

Quick Fix Urine

Quick Fix Urine, get the most current formulation.  It works. It’s used to calibrate testing equipment for urine testing companies due to its genuineness.

It also suffers from popularity risk.  It’s most likely to be recognized.  It also has to be kept at the perfect temperature.

Toxin Rid

Toxin Rid 10 day + Dilution with Mega Clean or home dilution done as instructed above.  The biggest pro is ten days of abstinence will get you clean.

The biggest con is it’s not clear any of the ingredients actually help with the abstinence, and the last day fiber punch may give you test site diarrhea.  If you sit on the toilet and flush, your urine sample will be disqualified.

Mega Clean

Mega Clean – follow all instructions, get the right amount for your weight using the chart above in the intro.  This is your basic detox drink, plain and simple.  If you can’t find it, get Ready Clean, the same thing.

Cons- very few drawbacks.  If you do not follow instructions, your dilution will not come out perfectly.  You may have to retest.


Zinc, papain, aspirin – These internal adulterants cannot be detected and will help you pass a drug test and are proven scientifically.  Papain breaks down proteins, it’s known as a meat tenderizer.  Use regular supplemental doses, overdoses will surely make you ill.

If you cannot get these, get the best imitation which contains all the same ingredients.  Mega Clean’s company Detoxify, of course, has many products, such as Ready Clean which are the same formula.  Toxin Rid has 1 day to 10-day formulas, only use the 10 days.  Then dilution on the test day.

Some companies offer Detox Kits: here are out trusted Kits

Fast Marijuana Detox Kit

Only $ 59.  Herbal Clean is a trusted company, they know how to do this.  It’s got your diuretics, creatine, and b-vitamin on point.

The downside, lots of herbs.  One just never knows what herbs you may be allergic to.

Toxin Rid

Toxin rid of course as already discussed is a trusted kit but should be done with dilution and the 10-day regimen

The downside, takes 10 days, no creatine, nob-vitamins so you have to use a dilution product like Mega

Clean 2 hours before your test to make sure you pass.

Some people believe and want to actually detox toxins and drugs from the body.  They do not want dilution.  They do not want to mask.  They do not want adulterants.  They actually want the toxins out of their body.  This is for you.  We cannot swear by it, but this is the best you’re gonna get from a trusted company.  Good luck.

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Passed with Mega Clean and Fruit Pectin

Failed with Toxin Rid without dilution


Do not use Toxin Rid without dilution.  It does not contain b-vitamins or creatine needed to pass your test.  Also, it is only for those who want to try to actually get toxins out of your system.  If you only want to pass your test, use dilution only, the day of the test.

Passed with Herbal Clean 7 Day Detox


Passed with Quick Fix

Conclusion: How to Pass a UA

Science has proven urine drug tests can detect drugs of abuse.  Science has also proven that you can beat urine drug tests.  Use these methods at your own risk.  We are describing, not recommending these methods.  If it is illegal in your jurisdiction, do not break your local, regional, and national laws.  Stay safe and protect your privacy.  In summary, use Mega Clean dilution 2 hours before your test, this is the simplest way to beat a urine drug test undetected.


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