Detox Pills For Drug Tests


Detoxification And Detox Remedies

Are detox pills effective for beating a urine drug test?  There are a range of tests designed to detect drugs, including blood tests to detect cannabis.  These tests may take place for employment, medical reasons, in the court system, or for unique purposes.  In most cases, users are going to be interested in finding the best detox pills for weed, to cleanse the body.  Weed is the most difficult drug to get out of your system as it tends to stay detectable for a longer time period than other drugs when it comes to drug tests.  Detoxification and detox remedies are employed by some as a way to remove toxins from the body such as THC as well as its metabolites.  The body naturally detoxes during abstinence since the body processes toxins such as drug residues through the liver.  These toxins are then excreted generally in the form of urine metabolites but can also be excreted other ways including through sweat.  Residues are also deposited in the hair.  Detox pills will not cleanse the hair of drug metabolites.  They may work most effectively for urine tests, with marginal results in blood, sweat, or saliva tests.  Your drug test will most likely be a urine test.  Detox products and remedies claim to help speed up the process of eliminating drugs and other toxins like heavy metals.  Detoxing or/and using detox products including detox pills as a way to pass a drug test is outlawed in certain regions including some U.S. states so make sure that it is legal to do so where you live before trying any detox method.

What Are Detox Pills (aka Cleansing Pills)?

Detox Pills will come in the form of pill courses with specific instructions to follow.  Often you may have to abstain from drug use for an extended period of several days while using the detox pills.  This period of abstinence alone will cause many types of drugs to leave your system naturally, with THC taking the longest to be eliminated.

Dilution (the process of consuming large but not unsafe quantities of water to increase urination) is often used as a way to support this type of detox.  These pills are made to help the body detox at a faster rate than it would naturally.  Most detox products are not advertised as a way to detox drugs ahead of a test but many users employ it for this exact reason and often with success.  How effective individual products are will vary greatly and whether or not they’ll work for you will depend on factors like your body mass and how often you smoke for example.  Detox pills are mostly used in an effort to pass a pee test/urinalysis.

Individual Users & Additional Information

Flush Pills For Different Users

Marijuana will stay in your system for differing durations.  On the one hand, THC will likely stay in your saliva for up to 12 hours but may remain detectable in your urine for a month or longer.  Detox pills are used to beat urine tests.  They probably won’t be much help for a saliva test or a hair follicle test, unfortunately.

What type of product and arguably more importantly, how long of a pill course you take depends pretty much on how often you smoke although other factors should be considered as are mentioned in the graphic above including weight and body fat levels.  The more body fat and weight a person has, the harder it is to detox since drug residues will be stored in body fat.  So you want to consider that alongside how often you smoke in order to choose the right product for you.  Pill products like Toxin Rid come in different pill courses ranging from a single day course to a ten-day course.  Each day will be pretty much the same with the exception sometimes of the first and final day which can have unique instructions.  If you are a one time user you might only need a pill course ranging from 1-3 days while if you are a moderate or frequent user you might want to push that up by several days at around 7-8 day courses but if you are a heavy user you should consider making use of a full ten-day course.  If you have a large body mass, then it might be worth adding a day or two to the estimate of how long a pill course should be in order to factor in your body mass in how long of a detox effort will be necessary.  Some products are also stronger and more effective than others.  We discuss popular detox pills in more detail later in the article.

Side Effects & Health Risks

As with any detox product, it is important that you take the right precautions as there are a lot of potential side effects and health risks to consider. Here are some points to consider;

Allergic reaction – Obviously you’ve first got to consider if you might have an allergy to some of the ingredients in these products.  Make sure you check the ingredient list carefully before taking any detox product.  A lot of detox pills contain herbs that are pretty obscure and ones that a lot of users may have never taken before.  So it can be hard to know whether or not you have an allergy when taking a product with ingredients you haven’t consumed before.  This makes it possible that you could have an unexpected allergic reaction too.  It would also be difficult to pinpoint which herb is causing a reaction if one occurs since the herbs are usually mixed as part of a proprietary formula.  In some cases, allergic reactions can be life-threatening such as with Stevens-Johnson syndrome.  Tongue or throat swelling can result in an inability to breathe.  Low blood pressure could lead to fainting. While there haven’t been many reports of allergic reactions to detox herbs, non-lethal reactions that are uncomfortable are frequent.
There’s one case where a user experienced a temporary psychosis after taking a detox product.[i]  A young Asian male took an unnamed detox product in order to pass a drug test for employment.  He had smoked marijuana a few times several weeks ago.  After taking the product, he became delusional, feeling that gang members were chasing him, he believed in was in contact with the FBI as an informant.  He had liver dysfunction.
“A thorough literature search of each of the product’s ingredients on PubMed and in the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database6,7 reveals that many of the ingredients can cause liver dysfunction, notably, cascara sagrada, green tea, uva ursi, milk thistle, guarana, and creatine monohydrate.”

These ingredients are contained in many detox pills and drinks.  This is why it is important to find one that only has the basic ingredients and doesn’t contain lots of obscure herbs.  Some of these herbs will overload the liver.

Organ damage – A lot of detox pills will contain a range of different herbs.  These herbs risk causing harm to your liver and kidneys and in some cases can lead to lethal consequences.

Water intoxication – If you drink too much water, you risk water intoxication.  This is where the blood becomes too diluted to work properly.  A lot of detox pills use dilution to work and if you were to drink a ton of water without replacing your electrolytes, it could have fatal consequences.

Consuming too many vitamins or hypervitaminosis – There have been some reports of people having bad reactions from consuming too many vitamins through detox pills.  The most common issue is niacin toxicity which results from high niacin levels.  This can result in liver damage or even lead to liver failure.

Criminal prosecution – As already mentioned, detox pills for the purpose of beating a drug test and some products in of themselves are illegal in some territories.  Selling tends to be more criminalized than possession though.  Make sure you are aware of the relevant laws in your local region.

Some organizations may also have rules in place to penalize efforts to beat a drug test.  So long as it is legal to do so in your region, you need to be discreet.  Make sure your detox pills aren’t visible from your car and ensure that you don’t for example accidentally take the packaging of the product with you into the test center.

Niacin toxicity – Some users will try to beat a test by taking large doses of niacin or products that contain a lot of niacin.  Consuming too much niacin could lead to niacin flush which some people find very uncomfortable or painful.  Consuming more than 2 grams in a day can result in liver toxicity.

Liver toxicity was reported in some case studies of users who were attempting to be at a drug test using niacin.  There is little to no evidence showing that niacin will help you pass a drug test.  On the contrary, there is evidence of Zinc being efficacious in passing a drug test.

There was a case report once however of an individual who became extremely ill after using niacin ahead of a test and when tested, no evidence of drug toxins was found in a sample.[ii]  This might suggest that niacin could work but clearly you must not take too much of it as it can lead to toxicity.  In this extreme case, it may have been that liver failure put a stop to regular fat metabolism and this, in turn, halted the spillage of THC metabolites from fat cells into the urine.  Of course, this is a very dangerous and unnecessary approach to beating a drug test.

Diarrhea – Diarrhea is not an uncommon side effect of detoxification products.  In fact, a lot of detox pills are made to cause diarrhea and many drug users see diarrhea as proof that the pill is causing a detox. Many pills work by dilution of course and diarrhea, it can be argued, is often just an uncomfortable way of producing a feeling of undergoing a detox.  This is so even if the blood and urine are not being fully detoxed of drug residues with the exception of when that substance was consumed orally and ejected through the digestive tract.

Stomach rupture – There was a single report of a user who used large quantities of baking soda as a way to detox from drugs, especially THC.  This user experienced such high levels of stomach gas and bloating that it caused a stomach rupture which required emergency efforts that were life-saving.[iii]

Electrolyte imbalance – As already discussed, drinking too much water can result in various different forms of electrolyte imbalances.  Chloride, magnesium, sodium, and potassium could all become out of balance as a result of using detox pills while consuming either too much water or perhaps even too little water.  The consequences of this include possible cerebral hemorrhage, convulsions, seizures, and other serious health problems.  Never consume too much water to beat a drug test. You just need to drink enough water to up your urination levels so that you can achieve lite dilution.  If your urine sample is too dilute, then your sample will be disqualified and more importantly, you are putting your health in serious danger.

Alkalosis, acidosis – Another potential risk with detox products is if you are consuming baking soda and take too much of it.  Ingesting too much can lead to dangerous blood alkalosis.

Metabolic acidosis may also result from liver failure due to herbs or other substances including niacin which can put too much strain on the liver and overload it if taken in large doses.  It’s vitally important to make sure you know exactly what ingredients and substances are in your detox product and how safe they are.  You might also decide to test the product in a low, sample dose to see if it causes any reactions that you weren’t expecting before moving on to the full dose for your detox.

What are the best detox pills for weed?

There are a lot of detox pills on the market that you can choose from. Of course, some are more effective and popular than others.

Pills that flush weed out of your system

Toxin Rid

Toxin Rid is an example of a popular detox supplement.  This product comes in a range of pill courses with the most extensive formula offering a 10-day detox.  The product contains electrolytes, herbs, trace minerals and herbs.  It is used as a way to detox from all drugs and toxins.  Social media reviews and more extensive information about this product is available on our website.

Here are the ingredients for the formula:

Pre Rid Capsules:

  • Boron
  • Calcium
  • Chloride from sea minerals
  • Alfalfa Leaf Extract
  • Kelp
  • Iron
  • Sodium
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium

These Pre Rid capsules include electrolytes, minerals, diuretic herbs, and vitamins.

Detoxification Liquid-solution:

  • Boron
  • Chloride
  • Lithium
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Sodium
  • Sulfate

The liquid solution contains, for the most part, electrolytes and minerals.

Last but not least, Psyllium Husk Powder is also a part of this formula.  It is used to detox your digestive tract.

Product Instructions:

  1. Consume 3 capsules of pre-rid every hour for a total of five hours. Complete this for the day or amount of days that your pill course lasts for (up to 10 days if you have the 10-day course).
  2. On the final day, consume half of the detox liquid alongside 16 ounces of water.
  3. Then two hours later, take the remaining half of the detox liquid with a further 16 ounces of water.
  4. Finally, an hour before the test, mix the fiber with 16 oz of water and consume it.


  • Provides up to a 10-day pill course
  • Contains electrolytes to help protect against the risk of water intoxication
  • Contains diuretics to help increase urination (an essential part of dilution)
  • Also contains dietary fiber which helps to detox your digestive system
  • Formulated to detox all and any drug from your body


  • You’ll have to drink plenty of water.
  • For a lot of users, it can take a 10-day pill course to detox and the effects of detoxing will not be immediate.
  • It can be costly.
  • It does not contain creatine and b-vitamins to support successful dilution on the day of the test.

Ultra THC Detox Pills

Ultra THC Detox is a product that includes a mixture of organic herbs that are designed to detox the body of THC and other drugs and toxins.  More information regarding this product is available on our site.


  • Includes organic herbs
  • Does not contain elevated amounts of vitamins or minerals
  • You don’t have to consume excessive quantities of water
  • High Times has promoted it
  • Leafly has promoted it
  • Maxim has also promoted it


  • May be illegal in some U.S. states
  • Not discussed widely on social media
  • Can lead to allergic reactions in some due to the herbs
  • Individuals may experience kidney or/and liver issues as a result of herbs that they have never had before

Same Day Cleanse Pills

Same day cleanse pills include Toxin Rid’s single-day course. Many other products offer one-day pill courses too. Whether or not the same day cleanse will work however is up for debate.

Stinger Detox’s Total detox pill is to be taken 90 minutes before your test.  It contains B2 and creatine.  This is a sure sign that the product is intended to work by dilution.   It is highly unlikely that any product will cause drug metabolites to leave the system in less than 24 hours.  Such products may instead work by dilution and masking.

Additional Information

You should take a look at our detox section to find the ideal pills to detox for your particular purpose. Based on our research, the most effective detox pill or drink should include the following aspects, in order of importance:

  1. You want to find a strategy that includes dilution.  Dilution is the process whereby you water down the urine and blood in your body which in turn sees the drug metabolites making up a lower volume.  When undertaking dilution, you have to make sure you replace the b-vitamins, creatine, and electrolytes.  You can achieve this part with or without a patented detox product.
  2. It needs to contain creatine.
  3. It needs to include b-vitamins.
  4. It should also contain zinc.  This is as zinc is scientifically proven to help with your chances of beating a drug test.
  5. Must be a herbal diuretic.  Choose diuretics like green tea and cranberry juice, avoid herbs you’ve never heard of as they can cause unpredictable reactions such as allergies, raised liver enzymes, and kidney stress.

Zinc Study

There is a range of scientific studies that show that zinc reduces the ability of tests for drug residues including THC.[iv][v][vi]  One study concluded,

“These results argue that the consumption of zinc supplements taken orally after light marijuana use can interfere with the detection of THC [metabolites] in urine samples for a 12- to the 18-hour period…”


Detox products are outlawed either for beating a drug test or for selling or producing them in some states.

The following nine states ban the sale of adulterants:

  1. North Carolina
  2. Nebraska
  3. Maryland
  4. Illinois
  5. Arkansas
  6. Oklahoma
  7. Pennsylvania
  8. South Carolina
  9. Virginia

Louisiana and Texas have banned the delivery of any detox products which in essence makes them against the law.  In Florida, New Jersey and Kentucky, the sale of detox products is illegal. Such laws could be applicable for any detoxing product. This depends on how the law is interpreted. Detox products are not generally promoted as a way to pass drug tests. Most detox products also make use of dilution. This can be done without purchasing any detox product in particular too.


Q:  Will water pills help you pass a drug test?
A: Yes, water pills can support a strategy to detox through dilution in which a user consumes a lot of water, and takes water pills as well as b-vitamins, creatine, and electrolytes to pass a drug test.  However, using a diuretic can be risky since it could push your electrolyte levels greatly out of balance.  Make sure your electrolyte levels remain at normal levels if using dilution.

Q:  Do detox pills work for weed?
A: Yes.

Q: What does social media say is the best detox pills to pass a drug test?
A: Toxin Rid appears to be the most popular on social media.

Q:  What pills can clean your system from weed?
A: Pills such as Toxin Rid, Rescue 5 Day Detox, and Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula could achieve this.

Additional Information

Do detox pills work for all drugs?

Detox pills can work for all different kinds of drugs.  A detox regimen may work by three methods.  One is that a course of several days of abstinence while taking the detox pills will naturally cause drugs to leave the body.  Alcohol leaves the body at a rate of about one half of a drink per hour.  So while taking your pills, you should be clean from alcohol after one day of abstinence.

Any week-long abstinence and flush regimen will get rid of most drugs, except cannabis, which can remain in the system for 30 days.

Can Detox Pills Be Detected By A Drug Test

Detox pills are unlikely to be picked up in a drug test especially if they contain all-natural ingredients such as herbs and vitamins.  After all, those ingredients are not illegal and testers will not be searching for such ingredients.  As a result, while it’s not impossible, the pills themselves should not be detected. There is still a risk that if done improperly or with a poor product, dilution, for example, could be spotted.

Tips to Pass a Urine Drug Test

  1. Abstain as soon as possible from drug use.
  2. Urinate 2 or 3 times before your test.
  3. Don’t leave detox materials in plain sight.
  4. If using dilution, make sure you start about 2 hours out of your test.


Detox pills tend to require an extended period of detoxing and are often costly too.  Dilution and abstaining are generally the most effective ways to pass a drug test and a longer detox period can often simply extend your period of abstinence which may be a bigger factor in your chances of success than taking the product itself.  If you want to detox quickly, it’s probably smarter to use dilution (in a safe way) or a detox drink which requires dilution instead of an extended detox pill program.


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