Best Detox Drinks to Pass Urine Drug Test

So you’ve got a urine drug test (urinalysis) coming up and you want to know what detox drink you to buy? And whether they actually work? Are you looking for the ideal marijuana cleanse drink? Throughout this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best detox drinks on the market, discuss their pros and cons, and help you find the ideal product for you. The more often you use drugs, in what quantities and how much body mass you have can result in drug toxins staying in your body for longer or shorter periods. If you are larger, you’ll need a stronger detox product and vice versa. Based on a poll by the Society for Human Resource Management, roughly 57% of U.S. companies test their employees for drugs. Urine drug tests are the most common type of test.  You should be aware that trying to beat a drug test such as detoxing is illegal in some U.S. states.[1]  So be sure to do your research before diving into the deep end.

How Do Detoxification And Detox Remedies Work?

A detox drink is designed to remove any toxins from your body by supporting the body’s natural detoxification process.  They aren’t produced specifically to remove drugs nor can they. However, their indiscriminate detox works just fine for many drug users the world over.  Detox drinks tend to work by means of dilution. Dilution is where an individual drinks more water than usual as well as, ideally, creatinine, electrolytes, and b-vitamins.  Such consumption should be done proportionately to the level of drug metabolites in your urine.  Picture drug metabolites (or residues) as a food coloring.  A tiny bit of yellow food coloring is going to stand out in a clear glass of water, right?  But if you pour another glass of water into the mix, the coloring will end up more diluted and less visible.  The more water you add, the less visible it’s going to be.  You get the idea.  The purpose of b-vitamins is to help with maintaining the natural yellow color of your urine, creatinine will help to increase creatine levels in your body as it is excreted through your kidneys (creatinine is a metabolite of creatine) while electrolytes are important to maintain the right electrolyte levels in your system.  This isn’t just important for passing a urine test but also for your own health.  Low electrolyte levels can cause water intoxication which may prove fatal.

Homemade Detox Drinks

Before considering the various detox drinks out there, you might want to consider a homemade detox drink first.  There are many possible mixtures you could conjure up as homemade detox drinks for a drug test.

To make home remedies, you’ll likely need these ingredients:

  1. B-vitamins
  2. Caffeine, coffee, or tea (diuretic)
  3. Creatine
  4. Natural adulterants at normal doses (papain, iodine, zinc)
  5. Salt, sugar, baking soda
  6. Water

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Play around with the quantities needed to get the preferred results.  You should take no abnormal dose, use dosage on the box, and also it should be so concentrated that it tastes bad.  For example, this is the normal dosage for baking soda.  For creatine, it’s 5 grams.  For salt and baking soda to taste.  For b-vitamins, 1 pill of a b-complex multivitamin.  You will need more than a normal multivitamin but one of the good b-complex vitamins.

You should buy a drug testing kit so you can practice at home and perfect your approach.  You should avoid taking any more than 5 grams of creatine each day.  When it comes to b-vitamins, do not exceed the amounts mentioned on the product label.  The same logic applies to the salt and baking soda.  With baking soda, consume approx. ½ a teaspoon.  When it comes to the salt, a dash per drink of water should do.  Don’t take more than you normally would eating or would be included in a can of Gatorade.  Rember, consuming too much water in too short a timeframe can cause water intoxication especially without a small amount of added salt.  Water intoxication can be fatal. Consuming too many electrolytes on the other hand can also cause health issues.  In terms of the test, salt and baking soda are pretty normal ingredients, so you don’t need to really worry about testers picking up on your detox effort.  Make sure that the test kit you buy can pick up on specific gravity measurements and creatine levels.  You can get these tests for cheap online although a respected pharmacy will probably be your best option if you want to get a good quality THC detox kit.  Do not do anything dangerous or foolish.  Avoid taking harmful chemicals such as nitrates, Clorox,  or large doses of iodine to try to beat a test.  These chemicals won’t work and can be very dangerous.  Your approach to detoxing should involve not consuming too much water, minerals, herbs, or electrolytes than you normally would, just enough to make up for dilution.  You want to get your levels of creatine and electrolytes to a normal amount.

Popular Detox Drinks

If a homemade detox drink isn’t for you, there are plenty of detox drinks on the market which you could use in an attempt to pass a urine test.  We will now discuss some of the best detox drinks for the THC drug test.

Mega Clean is a prominent detox drink although one with mixed reviews online. It contains plenty of herbs, b-vitamins, and works fast.  On the con side, it costs about $70, but it certainly worth it. It’s fairly safe detox drinks, no extraneous ingredients to stress the liver and kidneys.

Qcarbo32 doesn’t have as great a following as Mega Clean, but it contains your diuretic herbs, b-vitamins, and creatine, so it should work.  Follow all instructions.

This Amazon user passed and was satisfied with the product.

Clear Choice’s Rescue Cleanse is another popular choice.  It also has creatine and b-vitamins.  It also features electrolytes.  Rescue Cleanse involves drinking enough fluid and therefore you’ll pee a lot.  Do this two hours before your tests and you have a 5-hour window to test clean.  Follow all instructions.

Positive Review From Amazon for Clear Choice

High Voltage is another detox cleanse drink for weed according to many online users, it has plenty of diuretics, and features creatinine and b-vitamins.  This is a solid A, as are all the others are shown here.  With that said some of the herbs are laxatives and many of its ingredients could easily be bought separately.

Positive Review from Amazon for High Voltage Detox

Stinger Detox is a popular drink that has been on the market for years.  It can burn fat, works well, and fast and it comes with energy-boosting qualities.  In terms of disadvantages, its effects last for just five hours and the niacin featured may cause side effects like dizziness and flushing.  Some detox drinks work more gradually than others while others offer a one day detox cleanse. While these products are not promoted as THC detox drinks, in practice many weed users employ them for this very reason.


Q: Do detox drinks work for all drugs?
A: Yes, detox drinks should work for any drugs as they are designed to universally dilute any toxins in the body.

Q: Can a detox drink be detected by a drug test?
A: In most cases, they should not be detected.  None of the products listed can be detected in a pot test..  They only contain natural vitamins and herbs.

Q: Do detox drinks expire?
A: Detox drinks can expire although how long they will last for will depend on the product and how you store it.  To prolong a detox drink, follow the manufacturer’s suggestions as to how to store it properly.

Q: Does tea work for cannabis?
A: Since tea is a diuretic it can play a small role in speeding up your body’s natural detox process although only to a certain degree.  You need to add creatine and b-vitamins to your tea regimen.

Tips to Pass a Urine Drug Test

If you want to beat a urinalysis in 24 hours, you can use home remedies to make marijuana cleanse drink, one with balanced electrolytes, creatine,  b-vitamins, and water for a one day detox cleanse taken two hours before your test. A small level of sugar might improve the taste and electrolyte balance. Do not consume detox drinks with too many herbs.  An overdose of herbs or an allergic reaction could be harmful.  You can research different detox drinks on our website to find what works to flush your system.  Make sure you read the ingredients of any product you purchase and research its potential side-effects.  You should avoid detox products if you are pregnant or under 18.  Different products will have different warnings associated with them.  Be cautious, be smart, and best of luck!


[1] “GAO-05-653T, Drug Tests: Products to Defraud Drug Use ….” Accessed 17 Jun. 2020.


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