Champ Flushout Detox Drink Review

Introduction: Using Champ Flushout Detox Drink For Weed Detox

Champ Flushout Detox Drink to pass a drug test:

Champ Flushout is a popular detoxification drink that plenty of weed users employ in an effort to beat a urine drug test or urinalysis.  This drink comes in a variety of flavors including blueberry, acai berry, lemon-lime, and cranberry apple.  Using a detox product in an effort to flush weed out of your system such as Champ Flushout may be used if you’ve got a test that has been set by an employer or prospective employer.  You may also be given a urine drug test as part of probation or for other legal reasons.  Court-ordered drug tests are not uncommon such as in child custody cases.  You should be aware that it may possibly be against the law in your region to consume a detox product with the intention of using it to try and pass a drug test.  This could be even true if you try to beat a drug test for a job and not just through the legal system.  It is illegal to detox ahead of a drug test in several U.S. states.

When it comes to beating a drug test, assuming that it’s legal to do so where you live, you need to consider a range of different factors to help you determine what product or/and method is ideal for you.  Factors like how often you smoke, how much you smoke, your body weight and height can all influence what type of product will work best for you.  Those who smoke more or have greater body mass, for example, will likely need a stronger product than a person who does not fit this profile. By taking all of these factors into account in your research for the right product/method for you, you can maximize your chances of success when it comes to the day of the test.

Champ Flushout Detox Drinks for THC Detox description


Champ Flushout contains the following ingredients:

  • Creatine Monohydrate 1000mg – Increases creatinine levels which may become too low otherwise due to the dilution effort. This is important to hide evidence of your detox (Ropero-Miller, Paget-Wilkes, Doering, & Goldbeger, 2000).
  • Echinacea Extract 333mg – Detoxifier and mild laxative.
  • Guarana Extract 333mg – Source of caffeine and can increase your urine output (Blanchard & Sawers, 1983)
  • Milk Thistle – Helps to detoxify the liver (Hackett, Twedt, & Gustafson, 2013).
  • Riboflavin – Helps give urine its natural yellow color. This in turn can help to conceal efforts of dilution (Gatautis & Naito, 1981).

How to use Champ Flushout DetoxDrinks

Champ Flushout Detox Drinks instructions For Detoxifying Cannabis

Use the following directions:

  1. Abstain from drugs including weed for 48 hours or more, if possible.
  2. Shake the drink well and consume its contents.
  3. Wait 15 minutes, then refill the bottle with water and consume.
  4. Urinate one or two times, then take the test.

Terms of product Use:

The company behind this product does not appear to have a returns policy.  Their products are not advertised or promoted as those which should be used as part of a detox to beat a urine drug test or any drug test for that matter.  Of course, in reality, many users including weed users turn to products like Champ Flushout.

When you should & shouldn’t use it:

If you’re under 18 you should avoid this product.  You should also refrain from using this product if you are pregnant.  If you experience any side-effects while using this product, stop using it immediately, and contact your practitioner.

Possible Side-Effects:

There doesn’t appear to be too many risks and side-effects associated with this product and it doesn’t contain too many herbs which can often lead to problems.  However, you should still be cautious.  One of the biggest risks associated with any dilution-based detox effort is that of water intoxication.  Make sure you don’t consume too many liquids in too short a space of time as this can lead to an electrolyte imbalance in your body that in turn causes water intoxication.  This can even prove fatal.  And again, if you experience any problems or side-effects when taking this product, stop using it straight away and get in touch with your practitioner.

Manufacturer & Support:

The company behind this product The Green Planet Products Inc. was launched in 1997.  They sell various products such as vapes, supplements, detox products, and energy drinks.

Manufacturer The Green Planet Products Inc.
Address (not a store location) 7260 Sycamore Canyon Blvd. Riverside, CA, 92508.
Customer Service Hours Monday – Friday, 8 am to 6 pm PST

Saturday – Sunday, Closed

Phone number 951-842-6100
Email Address [email protected]

Additional Products For Passing Testing

To pass a urine test:

Another popular product offered by The Green Planet Products Inc. is their range of Jump Start Flush Out drinks, which like Champ Flushout come in a range of different flavors.  These flavors include blueberry, orange mango, cranberry apple, cherry vanilla, and kiwi strawberry.  Like Champ Flushout, Jump Start Flush Out could be used in an effort to perform a dilution detox as an attempt to pass a urine drug test. Another very popular product with great reviews is Rescue Detox Drink.


To pass a saliva test:

While this company does not appear to sell any mouthwash products, there are plenty available which you can try including Stinger Detox Mouthwash. This product is quite popular and lacks any toxic ingredients that may cause you harm.  It is a little expensive for a small 2-ounce bottle.  You can get it on Amazon for $10.


To pass a hair follicle test:

This manufacturer doesn’t appear to sell detox shampoos either. However, there are other products on the market. These include Folli Kleen and Zydot Ultra Clean.  Zydot can be used as part of the popular Macujo and Jerry G methods.  Although if you’re going to detox your hair/scalp ahead of a hair follicle test, be sure you know what you’re in for.  To beat a hair test, you’ll need to cause some damage to one degree or another so go about it in a smart and responsible manner.


Pros and cons of Champ Flushout Detox Drink for THC Detox

Pros Cons
  • Has herbs which can help with detoxification.  It does not contain too many herbs that could cause stress to the liver.
  • Has a single B-vitamin designed to add color back to your urine after dilution, doesn’t go overboard.
  • Creatine Monohydrate is featured and can help ensure that your creatinine levels are right ahead of your urinalysis.
  • Comes in various different flavors.
  • Effective in just 45 minutes.
  • Easy to find online.


  • A bit expensive at about $20 although it’s not too dear in comparison to other detox drinks.
  • Dilution is possible to detect.  You’ve got to time things right and you might decide to practice with a couple of bottles and perform home tests first.
  • There isn’t too much info about this product on the internet.

Weed Detox FAQ

Q:  Will lab tests for probation find it detectable?
A:  It’s unlikely that testers will be able to pick up on this product, mainly because it largely contains natural ingredients.  The only way the testers might detect its use is through evidence of dilution such as diluted urine and low creatinine levels although since this product contains ingredients that can conceal evidence of dilution, you should be fine.

Q:  How long does it last?
A: It should last for around five hours.

Q:  What are the directions to get Champ Flushout DetoxDrinks near me? Where to buy Champ Flushout Detox Drink?
A: You can purchase Champ Flushout, through the Green Planet Product Inc. website;  Although it’s cheaper to just buy it on a site like eBay, Walmart, or Amazon.

Q:  Will Champ Flushout DetoxDrinks help for opiates and for alcohol?
A: Yes, it should work on any drug toxins in your body whether from weed, opiates, or even alcohol.

Champ Flushout DetoxDrinks Reviews Online


Example of a positive review from Amazon.


A negative Amazon review.


A user’s skeptical yet positive social media review.


Another positive review from Amazon.

Results: Does Champ Flushout Detox Drink really work?

Our rating: 5 out of 5 Stars, A

We rate this product 10/10.  It’s one of the best out there when it comes to dilution.  This product only features what you’ll need to beat a test and doesn’t include unnecessary ingredients that will cause stress to your kidneys and liver.  It’s cheaper than a lot of detox products out there and it’s been on the market for a longer time than most too.  However, it doesn’t appear to have zinc.  This is one of the few drawbacks of this product because zinc has been scientifically proven to reduce the chances of drug use being picked up as part of a urine drug test (Venkatratnam & Lents, 2011).  But this drink is definitely worth trying.  You should buy a few drinks and drug tests to practice and perfect your timing.


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Description:  How to use Champ Flushout DetoxDrinks to pass a urine drug test.  Where to buy Champ Flushout DetoxDrinks near me.  Get Champ Flushout DetoxDrinks at Walmart or Amazon.

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