Does Drinking Baking Soda and Water Help a Pass Urinalysis Drug Test?

Using baking soda and water seems to be a popular approach to take in trying to beat a urine drug test and is used by many users who report their use of this method online.  While drug users are now employing way more complicated methods, this seasoned approach is still around nowadays. It’s important to know that, as with any detox method, there are risks associated with this approach that can be daunting.  Be sure to make yourself aware of all the warnings discussed in this article and the scientific sources that will be mentioned.  Another important point to raise is that there are several U.S. states that have outlawed the use of detox if undertaken in an effort to beat a drug test.  It’s important to do your research before detoxifying so as to make sure that what you’re doing isn’t illegal in your jurisdiction. So, does drinking baking soda and water help pass a drug test? Let’s discuss this.

When You Should & Shouldn’t Use Baking Soda

You should avoid using baking soda first and foremost if you have an allergy.  You should also avoid undertaking a drug detox effort if you’re under 18, pregnant or if it is illegal to do so in your region. Many users on social media say this method may only work for methamphetamine (meth).


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Drinking baking soda: dangers

Some adverse health effects are associated with consuming large quantities of baking soda.  Baking soda is employed as an antacid since it can neutralize hydrochloric acid (aka stomach acid).  It will offer you some relief if you consume just ½ a teaspoon of baking soda.  If you were to take a few teaspoons, it will cause excessive f irritation to your gastrointestinal system.  Many may suffer from diarrhea, dehydration, and vomiting.


The above report from the Missouri poison control system discusses the case of an individual who with the use of baking soda in an effort to beat a test suffered a hole in his stomach.  This may have been caused by vomiting extreme projectile vomiting.  He’d consumed five tablespoons of baking soda ahead of a urinalysis prior to a test for weed.

There is a risk that baking soda misuse can result in potentially lethal metabolic alkalosis.  In 2018, a case study published in Emergency Medicine Australasia, the overuse of baking soda cause cerebral infarctions and in other cases, death (F, Finn, and B).[3]

Another case in 2016 published in the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine showed that ingesting baking soda can cause Hemorrhagic Encephalopathy.  Further, it showed that this can result in a fatal outcome (Hughes, Brown, and Valento).[4]

A case in 2018 showed that metabolic alkalosis from the overconsumption of Baking Soda caused a cardiac arrest in an individual.[5]

As these case studies show, consuming too much baking soda can be very harmful and possibly deadly.

How to Pass a Urine Drug Test Using Baking Soda:

Let’s discuss the ingredients and instructions involved in using a baking soda cleanse to pass the piss drug test.


  • 9oz, 21oz, or 32 oz ounces of water, soda bottles will work but you will need extra room for the baking soda so get a bigger bottle than you need.  Get the largest you think you can drink for your size. The more water you use, the less stomach irritation you will have.
  • Two tablespoons of baking soda.


  • Combine two baking soda tablespoons into the 8 ounces of water and consume.
  • Urinate twice or three times.
  • Go take the test and catch your urine midstream.

Social Media Reviews

Positive Review:

This reviewer also told of having trouble keeping it down, so definitely use more water, less baking soda.

A positive review is taken from Quora.

Negative Review:

An example of a negative review.  Does baking soda flush your system? This user, like many, does not believe that it can, at least not safely or effectively.  However, he does not know that there are many ways such as we have documented throughout the site which have scientific studies backing them to beat a drug test so we have to call him uninformed.

Positive Review:


Another positive review from Reddit.

Negative Review:


Another negative review from social media.


It appears on social media that most users believe that baking soda and water will only work to conceal meth use and that it will only be effective for a five-hour timeframe.  The only drawback is that there are serious risks associated with this approach.  It may result in your electrolytes becoming imbalanced leading to water intoxication.  In turn, this can cause strokes, seizures, or possibly even death.  It may also result in brain damage. Basically, it isn’t worth the risk.  That said, if you want to take something prior to a test for which you’re concerned that they’ll detect your meth use, it’s pretty safe to use baking soda as an antacid.

Follow the instructions and consume ½ a teaspoon every 2 hours.  Consume no more than 7 teaspoons per day.  That should result in a change in your body’s alkalinity and in turn, may help you beat your test.  Does baking soda detox your body? Perhaps it can help, at least with meth but there’s no doubt that there are many better alternatives out there.  Dilution is arguably the ideal approach for beating a urinalysis.

To have a dilution that works correctly, you’ll need to combine creatine, b-vitamins, and electrolytes with 16.9 to 32 ounces of water, depending on your body size.  In most cases, a pre-made detox drink like Mega Clean by Detoxify that works does so through dilution.  You’ll just need to consume a safe and reasonable amount of a detox drink over two hours before your test then urinates two or three times.   The b-vitamins will help to bring up the natural yellow color of your pee.  It’s also important that you consume a creatine supplement, in order to keep your creatinine levels right both for improving your chances of beating your test and it keeps your mind sharp when you’re stressed.[9]  When it comes to dilution, make sure you don’t consume too much water as that could result in water intoxication.


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  • Intern Timothy Banderson is an enthusiastic researcher. Currently, he is gaining a master’s degree, at the Pacific University of Oregon, in Biology. He researches the effects of a high range of psychoactive supplements: from harmless ( coffee) to harmful ( cocaine). Also, Timothy Banderson is working as a COO of startup “Resob”, a fact-checker app for medical students. “Resob” will allow students to observe research from a scientific point of view: are they relevant, outdated, and trustworthy.