About Us

About Global Advances in Health and Medicine LLC

Global Advances in Health and Medicine LLC (GAHM LLC), founded in 2011, is the publisher of Global Advances in Health and Medicine an international, peer reviewed, scholarly medical journal launched in March 2012. GAHM LLC is engineering a value chain around information in the Journal integrated with three strategic business units (SBUs): (1) Publishing and Broadcasting; (2) Conferences and Collaborations Services and (3) Data Management and Technology Transfer.

Rationale for Working With GAHM LLC

There is demand for breakthroughs in health and medicine as healthcare systems face increasing challenges. These include reduced budgets, an inadequate evidence-base, suboptimal outcomes, and misaligned clinical and financial incentives. Whole systems approaches are supplanting the one-drug-for-one-disease model that currently dominates healthcare. These changes, leveraged by digital technologies, are leading healthcare professionals to consider care in a broader context, including lifestyle, environment, and genetics. Most of our team members have worked together in related ventures and have developed capabilities to promote collaborations and facilitate the application of new insights. As we capture information on global advances in health and medicine, we keep you informed of the practical implications of those discoveries.

GAHM LLC is building a data repository to store data from the point of care, clinical research, and information on global advances in health and medicine. The data repository will evolve into a knowledge-management system (KMS). Constituents interested in health-related discoveries will be able to access proprietary information to accelerate their speed to desired endpoints. For example, stakeholders interested in breakthroughs and best practices in metabolic syndrome will have the ability to query across organizational source, country, culture, medical system, disciplines (e.g., Medical Doctor or Nurse), condition, or diagnosis.  Users will be able to compare and contrast findings, exploring the implications of discoveries in one area or system vis-à-vis another.

Operating Values

Our Corporate Vision is to help healthcare professionals around the world improve the health of individuals and broaden the application of breakthroughs and best practices in health and medicine. And in particular those insights and interventions that reflect our primary focus on the global convergences in health and medicine,  whole systems approaches in healthcare, and high quality case reports

Our Corporate Mission is to accelerate the recognition and broaden the application of global advances in health and medicine, resulting in improved population-health management, healthcare delivery, and patient outcomes.

GAHM LLC’s founders are committed to continuous improvement of the Company’s intelligence capabilities and quality. To these ends, the Company’s leadership team is soliciting investments, unrestricted educational grants, and strategic alliances from individuals and enterprises that share the vision of accelerating global advances in health and medicine.

Products, Services, and Solutions in the GAHM LLC Portfolio

Our SBUs and the offerings in our product portfolio reflect a value chain focused on insights and innovations used to design products, services, and solutions to support best practices in health and medicine. Our offerings are generally informed by systems theory, multicultural and trans-disciplinary thinking, and cross-functional practices. Our first SBU, the Publishing and Broadcasting Unit responsible for Global Advances in Health and Medicine and our customized eNewsletters, helps healthcare professionals and investors gain a more complete, accurate, and precise understanding of health-related innovations that fill gaps in scholarly medical content and evidence-based medicine. For example, the information and knowledge available through case reports from the real-world practice of medicine are often overlooked in favor of the results from randomized controlled trials and reviews. We believe that if data were systematically captured at the point of care—and published as case reports—clinical practice, research, and healthcare policy would benefit.

Our second SBU, the Conference and Collaboration Services Unit, will be initially focused on our Case Reports initiative. This initiative facilitates knowledge-generating interactions among healthcare professionals on two levels. Healthcare professional around the world collecting data from the point of care and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) creating reporting guidelines for Case Reports (CARE guidelines). In 2012, GAHM LLC will host a 2-day Case Report Writing Workshop on the art of distilling the information from a clinical case into a high-quality case report suitable for publication in a biomedical journal. GAHMJ case reports editor Gunver Kienle, Dr med, senior research scientist at the Institute for Applied Epistemology and Medical Methodology, Freiburg, Germany, will lead the workshop. Workshop participants will write and edit individual case reports, share and discuss their work in a hosted electronic forum, and present their finished cases in a 1-day follow-up session. The results of these workshops will inform the Case Reports Guidelines Workshop. GAHM LLC also will host a 2-day workshop in 2012 focusing on the development of reporting guidelines for case reports in biomedical publications.

Our third SBU, the Technology Transfer and Commercialization Unit, helps individuals and organizations behind global advances in health and medicine gain access to resources essential for the broadened application of their innovations.

Company Credo

  1. At Global Advances in Health and Medicine, LLC, we believe our FIRST RESPONSIBILITY is to higher principles.
  2. We believe our SECOND RESPONSIBILITY is to guardianship, ethical behavior, and personal integrity.
  3. We believe our THIRD RESPONSIBILITY is to apply our gifts in service to others.